And so, as we approach the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, the wildlife garden at St. Anne’s takes on a slightly quieter air, apart from the frantic activities of our resident grey squirrel family to bury their nuts in readiness for leaner times ahead.

This is also a great time of year for pulling on those favourite walking boots and setting off to explore the great British countryside. Back home again after an invigorating walk, ruddy faced and slightly out of puff, where better to recover and continue the experience than with a cosy overnight stay in our wonderful Yurt, nestling snugly at the base of Chalice Hill. Surrounded by peace and inspiration, the Yurt has its own fully insulated log cabin complete with kitchen, dining area and bathroom facilities. A king-size double bed and cosy twinkling lights with its own log burning stove, hot water bottles and comfortable throws. The Yurt is insulated in true Mongolian style with sheep’s wool and lined with cotton, which makes it warm and cosy even on the coldest of nights. As you snuggle down for the night underneath traditional Indian dhurries that complement the decor, screeching tawny owls and snuffling badgers are just two of the night creatures you may well hear.

To check YURT availability for Autumn 2019

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Photo © Malcolm Morris